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1 | The Course

Join us for a group or private course. Earn the title the Lone Wolf by taking this survival skills course! Here you will learn the core skills of wilderness survival. We will provide you with the tools necessary to make you confident in your abilities while in the outdoors. We will go over how to make a basic shelter, gather resources such as water and food, start a fire with minimum supplies, and navigation skills.

  • Prevention: what to put in a survival kit, proper planning

  • First steps to take in an emergency

  • How to find water and make it safe

  • How to start a fire

  • How to make a quick shelter

  • How to get out

2 | what you'll learn

3 | The details

Cost: $190 per person 

Duration: Approx. 4 hours

Course Location: Varies per class, in a wilderness setting. 

Required Equipment: Water for yourself, appropriate clothing for the weather, closed shoes are a must, a pocket knife, at least 20 feet of cord (paracord is fine, or two boot laces). We recommend a fixed blade knife, but a folding knife will do. If you need a good knife or a recommendation for one, check out our Knife Shop!

Recommended Equipment: Pen & Notepad, Snacks, Camp Chair.


This course may also be scheduled privately for individuals or small groups. Contact us for details.  

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