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Survival equipment that will enable your individual skillsets and survival in the worst case scenario. All of our equipment is tested in the outdoors and developed using our experiences in austere and harsh environments to ensure durability and reliability.


You don't want your equipment to fail in the harshest environments and neither do we.

Hand made survival wear, that you can get anywhere else! Make sure to check out our survival necklace!

Hand picked selection of the best survival knives!

With so much crappy gear on the market to filter through, we made it easy for you, and put all the best in one place.

camping gear

A selection of camping gear from the industry's experts

We fish, crab, squid, spearfish, and forage for clams & abalone! Here's what we use!

Do you like to read? We like to read about foraging, wildlife tracking, & bushcraft!

Looking for foraging gear? Look to further!

First Aid Kits, Wound Closure Strips, bandages and more!

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