Schoenoplectus spp


  • shoots and lower stalk are edible raw.

  • growing tips of rhizome are edible raw.

  • dried rhizome can be crushed to remove fibers, ground into flour.

  • fresh rhizomes can be boiled into gruel. The gruel can either be dried and ground into flour or used wet in pancakes/breads.

  • young rhizomes can be crushed and boiled to make sweet syrup.

  • pollen can be pressed into cakes and baked or mixed with other flours.

  • seeds are edible raw or parched.

  • seeds can be ground into meal.

  • sweet dried sap that exudes from the stem can be rolled into balls for storage.

  • varieties in the Pacific Northwest include Hard-stemmed bullrush (Schoenoplectus acutus) and Soft-stemmed bullrush (Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani).

  • grows in shallow calm water.

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